The Black Scholar: Her Next Move

The 9-5 grind just wasn’t for me, so I quit.

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Do you realize that you spend more time at work and with coworkers than with your own family? Well, I applaud those who knew, but ya girl didn’t! Upon graduating from college, I didn’t realize that I would be at work for HOURS on end with around 3-4 hours left in my day afterwards before slumbering in efforts to rejuvenate myself for the next do it ALL. OVER. AGAIN. And yeah, we have weekends, but let’s face it, Sunday is dedicated to recuperating and mentally preparing for Monday, thus leaving the latter part of Friday and Saturday for festivities. 

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Long story short, ya girl couldn’t take it any longer.

I wanted my me-time back. The days of lounging, cherishing, and nurturing my creative side had practically dissipated and I simply couldn’t find them. And finding time to workout? Forget about it. Flab gradually became my new begotten bestie with lax eating habits to account for it all. Basically, I lost my cool, my zest was gone, and I was long overdue for a change...

Therefore, albeit a bit abrupt, I put in my resignation letter upon the advent of the New Year.

Since then, I’ve been living back at home with the mommy as real millennials should! I cook my mommy breakfast. I blog. I exhaust myself with hip hop yoga routines. I walk my Ate Ball each morning. I attend belly dance practice each week to prepare for my upcoming performance. I stretch my limits to strategize on improving myself and the world around me. I spend loads of time with my mommy (even if it’s just frequent trips to food truck festivals and Wally World). And guess what? I couldn’t be happier.

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In other words, I’m truly Living Life, Beautifully

Now I’m sure the question on y’all’s minds is if I’ll ever return to the daily grind. Well, at this point of my life, I can confidently say “no”. Yes, circumstances do change, but with careful planning and a gracious mother, I should be able to dodge the mundane and continue to thrive while enjoying myself and others too. I mean, who knew having a slice a life and indulging in its flavors was totally within reach, practical (depending on your lifestyle), and fun all at the same time? 

Remember to Live Life, Beautifully ❤️