Autumn in Alabama

My puppy's afro looks better than mine...(random thought, I know!)

So as most of y'all know, I lived in the southwest for a whopping 5 years!!! Jeez, it doesn't even seem like it lasted that long, but it most certainly did! Nonetheless, my times spent there satisfied my wanderlust, made me realize just how naïve I really was since I wholeheartedly believed the roadrunner was blue and said "beep-beep," and introduced me to sisterhood, cultures unlike my own, and good food!

fall in alabama.JPG

Sounds great, yes (cuz it honestly was); however, my roots reside in Dixie by way of Atlanta, so returning was always on my agenda. Why? Well, for the simple things, such as southern hospitality, my own culture, and family. Oh yeah, and SEASONS!

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Don't get me wrong, the southwest's sun beams streaming through your plantation blinds every morning beats any cup of Joe, but having autumn averages around 73˚F coupled with stubby palms makes for very few glimpses of amber and crimson colored leaves trickling to the ground at every gust of wind (who else tries helplessly to catch them?). And that, I truly missed. Thankfully, living back in Alabama and venturing down I-20 to get back home has enabled me to relish in all four seasons. The Tuscany suns in Autumn, the pollen ridden Springs, humid Summers, and icy Winters, are all at my fingertips and I'm able to finally enjoy them all!

fall season in alabama.JPG

From the rustle under my feet to the aromas of singed birch and maple - nothing compares. It's like the unconventional way of letting me know sweater weather is upon us with the holidays not too far behind.

seasons in alabama.JPG

To celebrate my 1st Autumn Equinox back in the Bible Belt and the not so welcomed rebirth of layering, I opted for this casual giddy-up. First up, we have this adorable cropped sweater that's checkered alabaster and blush with exposed fringe that's softer than it looks. Next, to offset the top, I decided to go for high waisted jeans in cornflower blue. I finished with a pair of Michael Kors flats in a nice merlot tone that surely complimented their gemmed heels. It's the perfect outfit for attending a fall festival or even a hay ride or two!

autumn season in alabama.JPG

In case you were wondering, my nails are Wal-Mart's finest LA Girls press-ons, my leather bracelet is actually a choker wrapped around my wrist approximately 23 times from our beloved Rue 21, and my backpack, sweater, and denim all came from Forever 21.

What are some of your favorite fall trends? Be sure to link them below! Hopefully they are on sale! :)

Remember to Live Life, Beautifully