Having your Fashion Speak for Itself

If Kanye feels like a superhero while wearing his MAGA hat, then I must be a villain…

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I like to call myself a double minority. Why? It’s simply because I’m both African American and female; implying that besides my pearly whites I flash as I walk through any door, these are the first two things you associate me with. These associations are, unfortunately, followed by a few disparaging stereotypes most of us just can’t seem to shake. For instance:

Most would assume that being African American means that you are

  • able to twerk on cue (and can even teach others to do the same at random Saturday night parties)

  • a threat to innocent bystanders, neighbors, and communities at large

  • incapable of being Governor of GA and FL

  • born with innate basketball abilities

  • attending college on a full-ride athletic scholarship

Most would assume that being a lady means that you are

  • anticipating being barefoot and pregnant

  • “asking for it” when dressed scantily clad

  • both mentally and physically fragile/weak

  • on your cycle whenever you berate someone who clearly deserved it

  • only coming forth with rape allegations when the accuser is a tycoon of sorts

Thankfully, Expression Tees, Black Lives Matter, and I are here to deracinate these and other adages that have been ingrained for far too long.

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Pairing my “Fresh Prince cocked to the side” Black Lives Matter cap and Women’s Empowerment tee with a pair of gingham print pants seemed like the best and most ostentatious way to display my support of the newly elected women in Congress and my vehemence towards the institutions that are, quite remarkably, designed to stifle the voting rights of Native Americans and justify the killings of Blacks while pardoning the imprudence of our counterparts. And with my puppy, his leash, and stilettos to match, I simply don’t think this look could speak more volumes if it wanted to! Wouldn’t you agree?

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Be sure to shop the looks by clicking below! By purchasing either item, you’ll be supporting small businesses that have even bigger hearts. By the same token, remember that rocking the gear definitely brandishes your support of the movements, but obtaining advanced degrees, running for office, stepping up when witnessing wrong, and remaining advocates for change are the real dismantlers of those aforementioned fallacies.

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Stay suited and stylish, Shimmies - the war isn’t over.

Remember to Live Life, Beautifully ♥